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HELLO 2018 !

HELLO 2018 !

Where shall I begin with after such a long gap! Let’s just get straight into it shall we, I really hope you had an amazing start to the new Gregorian year. We already had our lunar new year a few months ago. But none the less as we follow the Gregorian calendar Happy new year to all those who are celebrating. I am not going to do the “new year New me “ things as it’s just how things work for me. Coincidentally my birthday falls on 31st of December and every year whether I like it or not I have to be mentally prepared to step into new year thinking that what did I do in the whole  year and how I can be a better human being and how can I achieve things in life which matter to me the most . So my near year resolutions are as follows ( not that I am going to start working on them as I have been working on them for a few months now , Alhumdulillah (all thanks to the most merciful )  and I would like to carry on the  same routine, be more good in terms productivity and few other areas like )

Minimal lifestyle ;

                             I have been working on this for good 2/3 years and I would like to carry on decluttering and make sure I don’t buy things I don’t need or I don’t have space.

Mindful living

                       Yes, this is the new one which has promoted into my lifestyle following minimalism. As I am well into my minimalism journey, maybe because of the aging process I feel like I want to really keep a check on my time. I really want to use my time to be productive and not waste it on irrelevant things from social media to meaningless conversations. 

Be a better human being

                                          I want to research  and learn more about my faith and be a better human being, a better mom and a better wife ( which I already am ) 


 Be more creative ;

                              I want to be more productive and use my time wisely so I can produce more of a substantial content. 


Be consistent ;

                          I started working on this last year and it’s still a work in progress. 

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