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 5 Best Modest work outfits

5 Best Modest work outfits

  Since I started my journey towards minimalism aka simple life I remember being obsessed with shirt dresses for number of reasons . If you are practicing modest dressing and you are always looking for getting the best long tops which cover your desired length? then this is the post for you !

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I have been going bit over the board with Primarks Shirt dresses as no other high street brand has been able to launch them the way Primark has . No Primark didn’t pay me (I wish hmmm) every time I visit Primark I always look into their dresses section and it never disappoints me , to say the least Primark has been clever in filling the market gap as they know  the shirt dresses are always a hit .

  • They are practical for a day job
  • Suits well for creative industry
  • Or even work well in corporate sector if styled appropriately
  • Or if you are a busy mom on the go then you are in for a treat
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I have been avoid wearing leggings or tights as I was heading towards getting used to wearing more modest trousers and little did I know that culottes are such a pretty thing , they are perfect for any body type and they make you look taller (yippy bonus points ) and they are ever so comfy . You can play with so many combinations from day time looks to night time formal looks . Here are few photos of me wearing mine .


                            I bought this pair from Primark and they only had 2 left so I got both as I have been living in 2 pairs of culottes and apparently no other shops were selling them when I was looking for them . Zara does , but my local zara store never have them in store so I cant go and try them on before buying them . Let me know what are your favorite outfits for work and why ? I will be making another post for Summer work/school outfits keep an eye out for that .

                            Toodles xoxo

HELLO 2018 !

HELLO 2018 !